CORPORATE YOGA & MEDITATION: Incorporating mindful movement and meditation into office culture, creates an opportunity to keep employees healthy and happy at work. Poses are sequenced to alleviate some of the tension that is created by sitting (even standing) at a desk. This practice is often labeled "de-desking," or my personal favorite, "deskercise." Soothing stretches help to increase flexibility and regain elasticity in our ligaments and muscles, while the act of consciously slowing down the breath and focusing inward rejuvenates our senses and mitigates the effects of stress on the body and mind. To welcome and encourage as much participation as possible, lessons are created for everyone, from the bendy and flexible, to those who can't come close to touching their toes (yet!). Participants of all levels and experience will derive benefits from this class.

I will lead your office through a MINDFUL MOVEMENT PRACTICE that does not require a costume change. During class we will mainly be seated, as poses are created to encourage real-life application whenever it's needed for the individual. In other words, while sitting at your desk, you will no longer find yourself saying, I feel achey and need to stretch, but I don't know how or what to do that will help.

I am reinvigorating my practice in Southern California after teaching to organizations in San Francisco, some of which included: Square, Frog Design, Poll Everywhere, and Zillow.

Additionally I offer EXECUTIVE WELLNESS CONSULTATION for organizations seriously interested in creating a better work environment for their employees (and enjoying all of the benefits that go with!).

*Special discounted rates for nonprofit organizations and schools. Please contact me for more information!

Yoga, at work

Yoga, at work