"When in nature, we are in creation itself. Even a short time by rivers or trees, or spending time in a park, or sitting in the light of the moon, leaves one more whole and recharged. The wind is our breath, the water our circulation, the mountains and stones our bones, and the plants our skin."
- Ganga White, Yoga Beyond Belief

"I seek to empower people to care about themselves. I have watched those around me settle for less than they deserve, hold their tongue out of fear, and ultimately compromise their wellness. My aim is to be a bridge connecting people to the change they want to see by providing tools, guidance, and support along the way. I believe it is our right to be good and loving toward ourselves. I will be so grateful to have the opportunity to teach and learn from you."

Originally, as a dancer, Eliza experienced the inner awakening that movement and breath ignite; each glimpse into this connection has guided her path, eventually leading her to yoga. Eliza’s classes allow students to navigate their personal expression of the practice and explore the experience of being in the body. Through creative and nourishing sequences, students play with interactions among breath, movement, and awareness.

She believes in the practice as a way inward and toward insight. Honoring meditation as a seed from which kindness can bloom, she weaves in opportunities for stillness and observation. With deep respect for each of our unique paths, her intention is to hold space for students to create their own narrative both on and off the mat so they may revitalize and lift the spirit, be more present and at ease, and move toward healthy, heartfelt living.

Eliza received her 200 hr teacher training at the Yoga Tree in San Francisco, and later acquired 250 hours of Vipassana and Embodied Mindful Movement training with the wonderful Jill Satterfield. Eliza taught corporate, private and studio classes in San Francisco for a number of years before moving back to her hometown of Ventura, California.